Creating a new Form

A. Locate the field labeled Form on the left corner of your account Dashboard.

 Create New Form


B. Click New Form

create a new form VMC


C. On the right side of your dashboard you have options to add to your Form such as:

1. First name
2. Last name
3. E-mail Address
4. Phone number

 Creating a new form


You can also in the field “Create and add a new field” design your unique form items.

Select the options you want to start creating your form Once you have selected what you want to populate in the form
select a template


Lets give your form a purpose, go to form set up and type in a Title, select your Client List and if you have Auto Emails set up, put them into a campaign.


D.The next step is to finalize your Form

First make sure that if you want to receive a notification when the client opens the email then type in your email where it says
“Notify these people that the form was opened”


E. Redirect the form to a URL of your choice for example, after filling out the form it will redirect you to your webpage

F. Then make sure to save your work