If you are reading this articles, it’s very likely that you have come to realize the importance of global traffic enhancement through the use of video marketing. This is representing a huge number of marketing strategies online worldwide. The secret to the success of video marketing is the efficient and concise information that they provide to the audience.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015 00:37

Kill it with email receipts

Transactional emails are opened at up to eight times the rate of promotional email according to Experian. Considering that most transactional emails lack any marketing value, this is a massive opportunity.

Receipts are a great place to start. If you're sending someone a receipt, it means the customer has already made a purchase. You've overcome a number of challenges to complete a sale. The receipt is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the customer.

You can't sell directly in a receipt, but here are few ways to make them more valuable:


  1. Include a referral code
  2. Offer a discount on the next purchase
  3. Ask customers to follow you on Twitter, Facebook or your blog


Email marketing can drive real revenue for your business, but you've got to think bigger than blasts. Behavioral email is key to unlocking the hidden value in your customers and users.


Offer incentives

Let's face it, something for nothing is hardly reason to opt in to a newsletter. Provide incentive for opt-ins at the point of collection, whether by offering a unique discount or other clearly defined and tangible benefit; start the relationship off right and demonstrate your company's value from the very beginning.


Make sure your communications are to the point

Resist the temptation to pack everything under the sun into a single email. More than half of emails are read on a mobile device, so it's crucial that offers be succinct and to the point. Emails shouldn't overflow with primary, secondary, and tertiary calls to action. Know your audience, define an offer, and limit your desire to sell them everything!


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Tuesday, 05 May 2015 23:52

Five Tips for a Successful Email Blast

The first thing is not to call it an email blast. Email blast is almost like “spam” in the digital world. When you blast your emails, your customers may think of your email as something you just sent out without consideration. Blasting also intimates that you are just blasting out information without taking the time to understand what your audience needs.

Focus on building relationships. Craft a message that is relevant and offers something of value.

Get to know your readers. If you decide to market using emails, you need to take steps to understand who they are and what they are interested in. You want to solve their problems and issues.

Remember that your readers are not cookie cutter. Take the time to figure out how to deliver personalized messages to each category of your customers. Use segmentation.

Email with a purpose. If you are just running an email blast campaign, you forget one of the most important steps in an email marketing campaign. This is setting a goal of bringing new customers to your store, website, and creating awareness. Goals should tell you how to craft your message and what audience would be most interested in hearing your message.

Keep your email marketing campaign valuable. Consumers want more from the businesses they use. There are so many brands competing for attention, and in just about every place consumers visit. Do something different. The consumer will filter out messages that are not relevant to their needs.

Measure your results. If you just send out email blasts to your customers and readers, it is impossible to measure results. If you do not measure results, you won’t know how to improve on your campaigns. Start looking at email reports.

Email reports tell you how many people open your emails, click on your links, and share your content. Reports provide insight into the type of email information your audience likes. 

Email marketing the right way is writing a “notes” than a blast. Marketing emails should be pleasant conversation starters among friends. Get permission to talk to a customer, offer interesting content, and receive feedback. Forget blasting, and use conversing.

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