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Why Web Forms?

If you send out emails asking for replies, you may notice that the response rate is lower than if you link your customers to a web form. More often than not, a web form will feel less like a start of a conversation and more like professional engagement, possibly even creating less fear from a subscriber or prospect.   For example, if you are a content marketing agency and you're looking to gain more appointments from your current email list, instead of requesting that your subscribers send in their content creation frustrations as a replied email, you could send out a short survey and offer to return anonymous results to all that participate. This survey could include more than enough details to send out a thank you call for them…

Be able to send the best welcome email in the world

When it comes to creating and sending a promotional email, you could in fact create the best welcoming email ever. Having a welcome email is a very critical part of the on-boarding process for all businesses. When you are able to have an amazing welcome email, it may impact the activation rate, help to turn new customers in to life long partners, subscribers into daily readers, and free trail users into fans. The true goal of any welcome email is to simply guide the user to the next step. Ask yourself how can you show the actual value of your service/information/product as quick as possible?   If you are a twitter user, than this could mean encouraging users to complete their profile. If you are Amazon, it could mean driving…

Why Email Marketing is King

In a business world obsessed with gaining more customer intelligence, you would think that email marketing would get more respect. But just look at media spending. According to eMarketer, this year U.S. companies are spending about $64 billion per year on TV, $34 billion on print ads, and $39 billion on Internet advertising. And how much are they are spending on email? For that, we have Forrester data: only about $1.5 billion. Of course, compared to other media, email messages are dirt cheap to send. With TV you are spending on ad agencies, creative studios, and cable channels. With print ads, you are helping to keep newspapers and magazines alive. Direct mail costs more than $600 per thousand pieces. With email, there are almost no costs at all. But its…

Content is the king

Okay so now you have all these email addresses… so what are you going to write them? The easy but correct answer is: good, engaging, punchy content. Subject lines should but succinct but not spammy. Avoid words like “Free” and “Giveaway” in the subject because those could land your notes in the dreaded spam folder.

Six Quick Tips to Optimize Your Videos

Numerous studies and statistics prove that video works.  In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages.  That’s a pretty impressive stat!

The 4 Essential Parts of an Email

Email marketing techniques, as well as video marketing strategies, are incredibly important to hone when looking to stay in touch with the customers and other individuals who have subscribed to your emailing list.

6 Reasons as Why Your Customers Like Your Email Program

E-mail, the expansion is electronic mail and is the most widely used mode of communication across the world. Thousand miles distance is just a click away with this technology. This has proven to become a

Seven Tips for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Amidst of the hectic work schedule that all the people of this world have, holiday is something that has become an important part of all lives. A holiday is what everyone looks out for and is planned very well in

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Email List

Contacts are a very important part of any business. Right from starting a business to its smooth functioning and development contacts are needed. Then, where do we go find them?? Where is the pool or lake or

Strategies for Must-Open E-Newsletters

Sending emails to individuals who have signed up or subscribed to your email list is a great way of staying in touch with your customers. E-Newsletters and email marketing strategies allow you to provide important
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