Did you know that online content is seen as often as Television?

It’s no longer a secret that over 95% of the world population that used to dedicate over 5 hours of their day to watching TV, is now using most of that time to watch online videos with all kinds of entertainment and promotional content.

This confirms the rumors that have been discussed by the media for a while. The issue here is that people are no longer watching TV because they are using their computers to check their news and also to watch TV shows and movies. There studies that took place at the end of last year and they conclude that at least 1’5 minutes are being used daily for the purpose of watching online videos and around 102 minutes are used for regular Television.

It seems that at least 75% of those 105 minutes that are dedicated to online content are seen through the use of mobile phones and the rest with computers and tablets. These are clear indicators that online videos are becoming an essential tool for mobile marketing.

Internet video content is essential for content research in more than 52 countries when they are searching for information on a brand or service. The interaction between consumers and the online videos will depend on the kind of device that is being used to watch them. Users are mentioning that the most searched type of content is the tutorial video, which is meant to be used for educational purposes.

The main goal with this article was to remind the reader of the impact that internet videos have in our society in modern times. This is the reason why it has become so essential in order to understand online marketing and the reasons why it continues to gain strength over traditional forms of marketing such as TV and radio.

Daniel Fela

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