Why Web Forms?

If you send out emails asking for replies, you may notice that the response rate is lower than if you link your customers to a web form. More often than not, a web form will feel less like a start of a conversation and more like professional engagement, possibly even creating less fear from a subscriber or prospect.


For example, if you are a content marketing agency and you're looking to gain more appointments from your current email list, instead of requesting that your subscribers send in their content creation frustrations as a replied email, you could send out a short survey and offer to return anonymous results to all that participate. This survey could include more than enough details to send out a thank you call for them participating, and even set up an appointment to speak to them about their marketing needs.

Alternatively, a cleaning company may want to add in their phone number at the top-right of all its emails, while linking directly to a home assessment web form. This form could include areas of the house that the customer wants cleaned, if upholstery and carpet need cleaning as well as the best time to call to set up a time. Although, there are plenty of people out there that do not want to call, this is an additional way for customers to contact you and for those who are too busy, or who are in a certain environment where they wouldn't call a cleaning company.

Basically, people are more likely to fill out a web form or survey than reply to emails.

Daniel Fela

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