3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Email List

Contacts are a very important part of any business. Right from starting a business to its smooth functioning and development contacts are needed. Then, where do we go find them?? Where is the pool or lake or

ocean for this??
Well, the answer is right here. Social media is the ocean for it. Social media now is being used by almost 91% of the world’s population. The purpose is to connect and build network. E mail marketing has been an emerging tool for various product promotions to promote sales and business growth.

Below listed are three ways that can help social media enhance your customer database and help you in executing email marketing and video marketing strategies.

1.    Traffic concentration:

Social media and network is a much hyped and powerful tool of the modern times. The influx of people using this tool is undoubtedly a huge number, and can be very well used in growing the database. Social media is a hub where email marketing and video marketing can be used to reach out to the customers. The promotions can be easily shared over a social media page and customers can be attracted. The other advantage of this act is that the loyal existing customers can share the news themselves and in turn their fans and friends may also have a look, a free sign up will be not be far at all. The info should be shared across all possible social sites to net as many as subscribers possible.

2.    Email marketing plus:

Email marketing plus video marketing can be the most effective tool, as it will help in reaching out to more subscribers and followers. Video marketing is a way wherein one can record live moments for any product usage. That can give a clear picture to the subscriber about the product. Emails can always be associated with newsletters and links of the videos recorded. The videos can be uploaded in specific sites that allow them; the videos from there can be shared again between fans and followers.

3.    Offers across:

Offers and discounts attract more traffic than any other way available. The site should be able to provide introductory offers upon sign up. They can also come up with strategies like refer and earn; it’s like a subscriber has been referred by an already existing subscriber, in turn the existing contact become eligible for certain product vouchers. The latest and the newest offers can always be shared through newsletter to all the customers either via direct mailing or advertising it over a social network. The info will definitely be shared by the existing fans and in turn bring more fans in no time.

So, we see the role social media can play in growing your contacts is definitely commendable. The social network is like a circle, all are connected to each other. Therefore, social media can definitely be utilised as an ocean of contacts that can help a business broaden its contours, with email marketing and video marketing as its powerful tools.

Daniel Fela

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